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Hi- I'm new to the whole community thing on LJ (have only had my journal since Jan.), so I think I'll give this a try. My name is Erynn and I'm from Chicago. Here are my answers to the little quiz thingy:

How did you come across Early Moses, anyway? I've been a long time fan of Econoline Crush (since early 1999) and have been keeping tabs on the members since the band broke up. I'm also a fan of Collective Soul and think it's cool that Ross hooked up with Trevor for this project.

Favorite Econoline Crush song: Tough one, anything off "Affliction" is good. I love "Razorblades and Bandaides" (who doesn't?) amd I'm also partial to the original version of "You Don't Know What It's Like".

Favorite Collective Soul song: "Dandy Life"

Do you own any Econoline Crush swag? Oh yeah...tons.

Do you own any Collective Soul swag? Just the CDs.

Ever see Econoline Crush in concert? At last count, I think I was well over 20 times.

Ever see Collective Soul in concert? Not yet :(

Have you even heard of Honeybox before? Can't say as I have.

Who is DJ Saint Germain? Um....

Do you play any instruments? Nope.

If you could email a band member, who would you email? What would you say to them? Probably Ross (because Trevor and I never really got along and I don't know any of the other members), but I wouldn't really know what to say.
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