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Has anyone sent a e-mail to one of the members of Early Moses and if so, did you get a reply? I want to send one, but I keep chickening out before I can hit 'send' =D.
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I'm the same way....


Maybe we should do like a little group email--tell them about the lj community and whatnot. It'd probably make them happy to know that something like this is going on.

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Well, in the email I sent to Trevor, I notified him of the lj community. I hope he might even check it out!

I think that, if we do compose an email as a group, we should designate the sender, and we could all have the sender ask a couple of questions.

Just an idea--there are bound to be better ones out there.
My ex is Dj St Germain, when he got back into town from being in TO with these guys all he told me was the amazing stories and how great of ppl these guys are, as long as you are writing with a purpose more than i love ur music you guys rock, then go for it, every artist likes to here from his/or her fans.
This much i know for sure.