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And I Suppose I Was Born Yesterday.....

Lame Quiz:
How did you come across Early Moses, anyway? Well, I'm huge Collective Soul fan--I love Ross and the contribution he had to the music I love. I also loved Econoline Crush, but I got into them a little late (back in '97, when "The Devil You Know" came out)--and I got into them just by chance: a local (now defunct) alternative station was playing "All That You Are (x3)" on the radio, and it rocked so much that I had to get the cd! When I found out that Ross was kicked out of CS and that Econoline Crush disbanded, I was distraught and wanted to see Ross do something cool (same with Trevor). Never would I have expected that they would join together! I came across an article that they were working together, and the rest is history! :)

Favorite Econoline Crush song: "Razorblades And Bandaids"

Favorite Collective Soul song: "Crowded Head"

Do you own any Econoline Crush swag? No, aside from the cd and an issue of Chart Magazine with Trevor on the cover.

Do you own any Collective Soul swag? The cds, 2 copies of the Music In High Places video (and 1 DVD copy), 5 t-shirts,
an 8x10 glossy of the band, and a sticker--I bought a 1 year package into their fan club.

Ever see Econoline Crush in concert? Nope.... :(

Ever see Collective Soul in concert? Nope--almost did twice, but that was back in high school--still living under my parent's rules, and the concerts were on school nights (damn it, one of them was CS, Creed, and Our Lady Peace!!!!)

Have you even heard of Honeybox before? Nope... Maybe I'll check them out though.

Who is DJ Saint Germain? Uh.... the shadowy figure also known as the bass player.

Do you play any instruments? Well, I used to play piano/keyboards when I was really young, and I've dabbled a little bit in guitar.

If you could email a band member, who would you email? What would you say to them? I'd email Trevor and proclaim my utmost respect for his talent. I'd ask him what it was like working with Jon Wozniak (of Marcy Playground) when Early Moses was recording recently. Then I'd ask him if he foresees an American tour in the near future (and if they're coming near Sacramento!)
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