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I'm KT, 19 from Scotland.

Lame Quiz:
How did you come across Early Moses, anyway? Some guy posted about them in the Collective Soul community I'm in. Woot.

Favorite Econoline Crush song: Econoline who?

Favorite Collective Soul song: Um, that's a tough call. Heaven's Already Here. Oh and Blame.

Do you own any Econoline Crush swag? No, but I guess I'll maybe download a few tunes. Anybody got recommendations of songs?

Do you own any Collective Soul swag? All their albums.

Ever see Econoline Crush in concert? Don't know, I've seen more bands than I remember. But probably not.

Ever see Collective Soul in concert? *cries* No.

Have you even heard of Honeybox before? Who?

Who is DJ Saint Germain? Who? Man I'm clueless.

Do you play any instruments? Yeah, guitar and bass. Oh and I'd love to learn the violin, because it's teh rokc. I play a little keyboard too.

If you could email a band member, who would you email? What would you say to them? Ross-o-rama. And tell him his guitar is inspiring.
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