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New Here :)

Lame Quiz:
How did you come across Early Moses, anyway? Ok, this is funny. Back in '97 I got into Econoline Crush, and bought The Devil You Know. Then I fell out of them. Recently I found the cd, and I have gotten into them like mad. I have gotten a hold of the other two cds (Affliction and Brand New History) through downloading, until I have the money to actually buy the cds. So since I was back into them, I went searching to see what happened with them, and came across Early Moses. I knew before I heard anything by them that I would love them, seeing as Trevor is one of my favorite vocalists ever. And that's that.

Favorite Econoline Crush song: Toss up between "Home", "All That You Are", "Razorblades & Bandaides", and "You Don't Know What It's Like"

Favorite Collective Soul song: never was into them

Do you own any Econoline Crush swag? I have the Devil You Know, and Big Shiny Tunes 4 (which has "You Don't Know What It's Like" on it)

Do you own any Collective Soul swag? nope

Ever see Econoline Crush in concert? I wish

Ever see Collective Soul in concert? nope

Have you even heard of Honeybox before? Surprisingly, no.

Who is DJ Saint Germain? The guy in the band ;)

Do you play any instruments? Air drums and air guitar count? lol

If you could email a band member, who would you email? What would you say to them? Trevor. I would let him know that he has a lifetime fan in me, and that I absolutely adore his work. Then I would profusely apologize for not getting into Early Moses enough to be aware of their show at Call The Office here in town. I am still kicking myself over that :(

Just wanted to say hi to everyone :)

My name is Kyle, I am 18 and I live in London, Ontario.
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